If you are interested in reserving a puppy from our current litters or getting on the waiting list please let us know and we will send pictures and keep you updated on the fur babies. Lacey and Morgan are pregnant and will be delivering 2 beautiful litters of St. Berdoodles in mid October 2019. These pups will be ready to go to their new homes in time for Christmas. They are sure to be the best present under the Christmas Tree! We are currently taking reservations on Morgan and Lacey's litters and still have a couple openings available.

They will be "All American" F1 St. Berdoodle babies. While our St. Berdoodle puppies are typically born black, they all typically change as they mature. We have Blacks, Greys, Silvers and Browns from Lacey, Morgan and Tripp. This is Moose's first litter and with him being a white Poodle we are excited to see the coloring. Take a look at the beautiful masks and these pups and we can share photos of previous litters as they mature and change their coloring. BTW - These are Moose's first litters as a new daddy, so we are excited to see these babies. If you want to see more pictures of past litters check out our Facebook Page at Karing Hearts Kennels.

We can tell you how awesome these pups are but I will let our customers speak for us....

"King is one of the most AMAZING pups we have ever been around...and we have been around dogs for most of our lives! We are interested in finding out how to get on your list for the Litter planned for October!? We want one just like King...smart, calm, loyal...a true companion!!! We have been pup-sitting King this week and it is going to break my heart to have to give him back...but we will because they love him so dearly!! "

"Brandy is absolutely wonderful! She is not only extremely intelligent, but caring and loveable. We have certified her as a ADA Certified Service Dog for PTSD and she is impacting our disabled veterans lives everyday at the VA. We recently traveled to Gatlinburg, TN. and she was amazing! For only 7 months old - she performed as if she was a full adult, not to mention she will be in an upcoming commercial promoting Gatlinburg!"

This is just one of many comments that we are getting on our Saint Berdoodle pups.... bottom line they are AWESOME. They are loving, caring, protective and the best family dogs you will ever come across!

Karing Hearts - Saint Bernards, Poodles, and St. Berdoodles